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Health Grip Home Fresh

The Health Grip Home Fresh contains filters that absorb micro particles, pollen grains, harmful minute pathogens, allergens, etc from the surrounding air.

Health Grip Clear Breathing

The Health Grip Clear Breathing contains supreme purifying efficiency as it purifies and cleans up all the impurities from the indoor environment of the house.

Health Grip Health Boost

The Health Grip Health Boost provides a range of devices that ensure clean and purified air. It contains carbon filters which help to catch minute impurities.

What our customers are saying.

HealthGrip has provided me technological information specific for my needs. They also supplied the technological products at the lowest cost. My dad smokes three packs a day. After exhaustingly confusing research, I finally found a person that told me exactly what I needed, and, more importantly, WHAT I DID NOT NEED. Even though I was willing to buy products that I did not need, Absolute Air suggested I go a cheaper, more efficient route. I ended up buying the Ozone-Ionizer air purifier, which completely knocks out my dad’s smoke. The Ionizer surpassed my wildest hopes. I now feel that I can breathe clean air in my dad’s house, even though he smokes non-stop. Thank you, Absolute Air.

Jessica Shrine

My Dad Has Severe Breathing Problems. To the Point of Collapse and Possibility of Lung Damage. If He Breathes too Much Air that Has Any Kind of Smoke or Dirt or Another Unnatural Substances Could Possibly Kill Him. Thanks to HealthGrip I have Assured my Dad’s Safety at Home and in His Car.

Foad Farzad

To Say This Air Purifier Gave Me A Piece of Mind is a Understatement. With Young Kids at Home, I Had to Make Sure My House Was Protected from Germ/Mold/Odor. Thank You HealthGrip for Helping Our Lives.

Adam Dunlli

I was searching for an air purifier for such a long time to purify my indoor environment from harmful dust particles, bad smell, tobacco smoke, and pathogens. Nothing has given me my desired result unless I came across of HT1821 Air Purifier. This machine purifies and sanitizes the air rather than masking the odor only.


I own an office that looked bit unhealthy just for the growth of molds and mildew. Some of my customers didn’t like to visit my office and that made it a great concern for me. I was actively searching for an air cleaner that can make workplace smell healthy and fresh. All thanks to airborne germs cleaner! Now I don’t get any complaints about having an unhealthy indoor environment.


I am highly satisfied with the results that I got by using the air filter fitted with a HEPA filter. With the daily use of this air purifying system, I could notice a great change in the health of my family members. Thanks again for gifting me and my family members a better and healthier life!


It is great pleasure that the air purifier works well as it is stated by the company. The air in my business area turns out to be a healthier one. The results that I got from using this ozone air purifier are astonishingly better than the older one which I was using for the past few years.

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